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Can I make changes to my Album99?




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    Brittany Allen

    This is literally the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I attempted to make an album from my wedding for my parents today so I could get the 30% off. I chose the highest spread amount thinking I could just delete if I didn’t need them. I have now wasted 4 hours of my life because I have to start over unless I want to pay double and have 25 blank spreads.

    I use Kiss albums for my actual wedding clients and their software is sooo much better. You can literally do everything you are saying you can’t do because of “the cover”.

    This is a online software. Nothing has gone to print, you haven’t made a single thing yet. Your software should be able to adjust itself with changes. Nothing in my design will change by deleting spreads. I am so upset right now.

    I guess you can say its my fault because I didn’t scour the website for the faq section to find the one question about having to know exactly what you need before you start.

    I would love to be able to use your service, but at this point I am so upset by your outdated software and the fact that the 30% off is going to be over, and I have to spend another 4hrs on this.

    Update your freaking software!!!

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    Jory Osterman

    It is absurd that you cannot change the page count or reorder pages without starting over completely. I guess I'll go with a competitor.

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    Heather Ford

    I normally don't like to complain, but after spending A LOT of time designing an album, I now realize that I cannot add more pages unless I start over. WOW. As a photographer who has ordered from a lot of various companies, this one takes the cake of being the most flawed album design software/system that I have ever used. Such a shame :(

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